It’s like America…

Yes my friends,

the hour approaches.

the call cannot be ignored.

it’s time to go to South America.


June 7th, at 5am, I will be flying from O’Hare Intl airport to Bogota, Colombia.

After spending a few days traipsing around the country I will take a bus down to

Quito, Ecuador.

                  I and my friends, Emily and Melanie ,will arrive in Bogota in the afternoon. From the airport we will meet up with Bayard, Mark, and Brian and together we’ll take a bus to Pereira. Sunday will be spent exploring the city, and Monday will be spent traveling by bus to Ecuador.

In Ecuador we shall traverse rain forests, scale mountains, dance in cities, and eat.

Plans may include:

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And while these are just a smidgen of the adventures we have planned and  these adventures will be excellent!



SO Exciting!


The adventures that I am most looking forward to are the volcanos we will be climbing.

The beasties we will be conquering are:




These mountains are going to be truly amazing experiences to climb. Especially Mt. Cotopaxi.

Don’t worry, I’m going to be coming back in July. But the month of June will be spent in South America.

Throughout my time there I plan on updating this blog as often as possible. Unfortunately, I don’t have a great way to post the pictures from my canon…I guess we’ll all have to settle for whatever photos I can share from my iPhone.

But July will include big albums of pictures from my adventuring.

Stay in touch and see what adventures await!