Mindo, Ecuador


Well friends, as you may be able to guess, many adventures have occurred during these past few weeks! It has been a whirlwind of rainforests, mountains, waterfalls, and stunning countryside! Right now, I’m going to try to play catch up from the past few weeks by posting some of our adventures in snippets.

So, let’s begin with the rainforest!

One of our very first adventures in Ecuador was to take a bus to Mindo, a town renowned for it’s rainforest, waterfalls, and adventuresome potential. The bus ride was lovely. Ecuador is a lush country full of abundant vegetation and verdant hills.

Mindo is a small town whose main attraction is their rainforest. Vendors in town will offer you a variety of packages to go canyoning, zip-lining, hiking, bird watching, etc.

My friends and I arrived around 11am and bought return tickets for 3:30pm. We had fours hours in Mindo and began to plan our adventures.  While all the options seemed excellent: canyoning down waterfalls, zip-lining across the rainforest, spotting exotic birds, we decided to take the teleferico across the rainforest  and hike to as many of the seven waterfalls as possible. Our adventure guide gave us a package deal of taxi, teleferico, and hike entry for a grand total of $7. One of the best purchases I made!

For the next four hours we hiked through the dense foliage.

As we dangled 450ft above the rainforest in the cable car it looked as though nothing could penetrate through the dense green vegetation. But, once we entered, it felt like we were just beneath the skin of the earth. As though folded like dough into the forest itself. We did not visit the rainforest. We were submerged into it. Skin perspires in the humidity, ears buzz with the sounds of crickets and waterfalls, horizon and sight are filled with vegetation, and our calves burned as we ascended and descended the rolling hills.

All in all it was one of my favorite days of the trip. We plunged into the pools of waterfalls, felt the overwhelming power of rushing water, laughed, talked, and played.

We got to about five out of the seven waterfalls before we decided to head back. We ended up getting a late almuerzo in Mindo ( a pre-prepared lunch of rice, avocado, chicken, and ensalada) that was simple and satisfying.The bus back to Quito had me chatting for the first forty-five minutes and sleeping for the rest. That evening we made it back to the Edgren’s for dinner and slept soundly that night. Stay tuned for more throwback posts as I try to catch up documenting all the adventures I’ve had so far!