George Srour – Building Tomorrow, Today.

This is an excerpt from an interview I conducted with Building Tomorrow‘s founder and president, George Srour. Building Tomorrow is an NGO dedicated to building schools in Uganda. I visited Building Tomorrow’s offices and spoke with George about the decision to locate his NGO’s headquarters in Indianapolis,  his inspiration for making a difference, and his thoughts on what it means to be a good community member.

It seemed fitting that Building Tomorrow, an organization dedicated to building schools in Uganda, should have offices inside of the refurbished Clemens-Vonnegut School  9 building off of Fulton St. While this school may have been closed for years, Building Tomorrow uses the building as HQ for operations that, over the past decade, has opened nearly 40 schools in Eastern Africa. Giving the building’s history and the organization’s purpose a charming symbiotic vision: the education of youth.

George and Building Tomorrow have received funding from the Clinton Global Initiative, the inaugural Simon Fellowship for Noble Purpose, as well as from countless universities and colleges. Building Tomorrow was named by Echoing Green as one of the top 20 up-and-coming social change organizations in 2007, and George himself was placed on the 2012 Forbes 30 under 30 list for Social Entrepreneurs.

Some might wonder why an organization such as Building Tomorrow would opt to reside in the Midwest rather than NYC, San Francisco, or D.C., cities considered the geographical flypaper of U.S. philanthropic organizations…

This article was originally published on The Sagamore Institute’s website and is now featured on the Bright Ideas Citizen Profiles which can be read in full here.