Nathan Hand-Philanthropic Extraordinnaire

This is an excerpt from an interview I conducted with The Oaks Academy director of advancement, Nathan Hand. The Oaks Academy is an Indianapolis school with a nationally unique model that is purposefully mixing race and class among its student body. Nathan and I spoke about the future of philanthropy, his passion for Indiana, and his hopes for the future.

“Nathan Hand has worn many hats within the philanthropic sector of Indianapolis. A graduate of IU’s School of Philanthropy, as well as a current faculty member of the Fund Raising School, he has spent years thinking about how to make philanthropic endeavors successful and connect people to the causes that need them.

His résumé cites work and consulting experiences with such organizations as Christel House, The Mind Trust, School on Wheels, IU School of Philanthropy, churches and several other organizations. He works as the Director of Advancement at the Oaks Academy, serves on a variety of boards, is member of a number of professional organizations, and was recently invited to join Rogare, a fundraising think tank in the UK.

He is an avid blogger whose posts are both clever and engaging. On his site,, he explores topics such as “Cost-Comparisons for Fundraising Platforms”, “10 Fundraising Tips from a Ten Year Old”, as well as “29 Questions for Better Philanthropic Conversations”.  All to say, he is a philanthropic force of nature within the city…”

This article was originally published on The Sagamore Institute’s Bright Ideas blog and can be read in full here.