Travels Through Norway

Growing up, stories about Norway and Germany were scattered throughout our family holidays and gatherings. Whether it’d be my dad recounting stories from the summer he spent with his father, Magnus, on the family farm in Norway, my great Tante Liselotte telling me stories about her and my grandmother Millie’s childhood in Germany, or my Tante Gudy sharing around the Thanksgiving table how proud she thinks Magnus and Millie would be of us all, both of these countries held a special something in my mind.

In June of this year, my parents, my sister and brother-in-law, and I went trekking through Norway. It was a long-awaited and most cherished experience that included visiting the family farm where my grandfather grew up, meeting my Norwegian cousins (such lovely hosts!), and witnessing the stunning beauty of the fjords. Below are two videos I compiled from the footage I shot while traveling. Enjoy!

*All media was shot using my iPhone with the occasional fisheye lens. Sequencing and music first crafted in the memories slideshow of iPhoto with additional color correction and graphics created in premier pro. Thumbnail images created with the app Over.