In Human Terms, Ep. 1: “Introduction”

When it comes to conversations between democrats and republicans, I’m tired of:

  1. People yelling at each other
  2. People not listening to each other
  3. People demonizing each other

And, believe me, I get that things are very bad in the world. I get that there are tremendous problems that have the consequence of human lives in the balance. And like many people today, I am frequently pushed to despair when I watch the news and wonder if anything good can come of it all.

And yet, I don’t think we’ll find any helpful solutions by pushing away the people that disagree with us. If anything, as these problems escalate, we need to be working together to address the global immigration crisis, climate change, gun control, healthcare, racism, sexism, and so much more.

We are better together and it is worth it to try to really listen to each other.  Because if we don’t, the human cost is far too high.

So, to that end, I decided to start a podcast where my mom (a republican) and I (a democrat) explore and discuss the big issues of today.

We hope that by having conversations based on respect, emotional intelligence, and vulnerability we’ll be able to find common ground off of which we can build a more hopeful future.

In our first episode we discuss the importance of political conversations in our family and what we hope will come of this new adventure. I hope you enjoy!

Show Notes:

4:12 Cervical Spine Piece: “Hail Able Bodies” by Ashley Caveda

30:10 Podcast about Gay Conversion Therapy-“Unerased”

Theme Song composed by Duo Futur

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