In Human Terms, Ep. 5: “Take Your President to Work Day”

It can seem like an impossible request these days to ask democrats and republicans to work together. The recent government shutdown shows just how entrenched party lines can be.

Where the 35 days of an inoperable government was the longest in U.S. history, President Trump has only promised a three week reprieve before the fight could get started again.

So, while our politicians are the one’s haggling over this, it was the government employees, their lack of pay, work, and services to our country that were being leveraged as ammo by both sides.

Today, we speak with Joel Miner Natural Resource Specialist for the Bureau of Land Management in Southern California and hear from him what it was like to be furloughed for over a month and what conversations he hopes will be happening in Washington D.C. as the three week timer ticks down.