In Human Terms, Ep. 10: “Environmentalism: Adventuring in Innovation pt. 2”

*This is pt. 2 of our two part episode, “Environmentalism: Adventuring in Innovation.” To get the full context of our conversation, I encourage you to listen to part one and then come back.

One of the few things everyone can agree on is that we need the earth and we hope it stays around for awhile.

Yet, while many people admit that we should probably drive less and not kill so many sea turtles with straws, Americans remain divided on when that should happen.

There are those that think we should change our consumption habits now before we doom the earth to destruction

And there are those that think we can give it a minute.

But, despite when people think it should happen, most people see protecting the environment as a chore.

But does it have to be that way?

Today, we speak with international geological engineer, Javan Miner, about how he and his family engage with protecting the environment as an adventure in innovation.