In Human Terms, Ep. 12: “Abortion & the Pro-Life Agnostic”

When it comes to women’s rights one topic in America continues to be a point of tension: abortion.

And people tend to fall into one of two categories: Pro-choice or Pro-life.

Is abortion inherently bad? Is it inherently good? Or is it a necessary tool women need to navigate an unjust system?

Today, we speak with Mary Verner. An old family friend who was raised catholic and is now agnostic. Mary hold degrees in accounting, law, and computer science, but has primarily been a stay at home mom for most of her career. Mary identifies as pro-life, but for decidedly non-religious reasons. Join Mary, my mom and I today  as we explore the topic of abortion in modern day America.

Banner image is courtesy of: Kayla Harvey

Special thanks to: Maris Hovee, Joy Marseille, and Paige Kauffman.



Stats from Sally:

Guttmacher Institute Statistics on Abortions in the U.S. 

From Mary: